What to expect on your first visit.

Our practice considers this your most important visit and schedules extra time with the doctor. The goal of the first visit is to diagnosis the problem and what we can do to treat it. To achieve this goal, we will ask you questions when and how your problem developed. What makes you condition better or worse. We will also ask questions about your general health including medications and any past surgeries. This information will lay the ground work for management of your health problem. After gathering this information we will begin the physical examination. We generally check your posture, feeling the painful area and check mobility of your joints. Neurological examination and gait assessment may also be included. Testing such as x-ray, CT or MRI scan is not routinely performed, but may be necessary. We may ask you to sign a medical release so we may obtain previous medical or hospital reports. After the history and examination, a plan of action will be discussed. Treatment will usually begin immediately, especially in acute cases. If you have a complicated case or further testing or consultations are requested, treatment may be deferred until this is completed.

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Auto insurance, under Pennsylvania law, you may see a chiropractor of your choice for injuries related to a car accident. Prior authorization is not necessary and your treatment will be provided at no cost to you.